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Padre Francesco Saverio Toppi Vescovo Prelato di Pompei

Bishop Francesco Saverio Toppi was Bishop Prelate of Pompeii and radiated the joy of being Christians until the last day of his life. His person, his smile always welcoming, fidelity to the crucified and risen Christ, his total and unconditional love for Mary and the Church and the poor were, constantly, the center of his humanity and his priestly vocation. In fact, Bishop Toppi, since young age, he feels rooted desire for total self-giving to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brusciano - Via S.Giovanni - Anni 40Born in a rural village, Brusciano, in the province of Naples, June 26, 1925, into a family of peasant tradition, healthy and strong in faith, spent his childhood with such vividness as to be so loved by his brothers and sisters, but also generating concern about the mischief that a child is able to 'organize'. The exuberance of character and keen intelligence, in small age, they become like floating mines the orderly world of adults. Brilliant student achievement, expressed, during the preparation for First Communion, the 'decision' to be 'monaco'.
For a decision, in fact, it is even if the family members, who know him as unpredictable because of the continual pranks, do not give any weight, "Vincenzo Monaco?" you can not!

Padre Francesco Saverio Toppi al 1° Ginnasio

Instead October 19th, 1936 is accepted into the Seraphic Seminary of St. Agnello district of Sorrento and in 1940, he completed his high school studies in the seminary of Pozzuoli. He continued his high school studies between Avellino and Nola where, between 1944 and 1948 he completed his theological studies. Entered the novitiate in 1940 and cappuccino Nola, in 1947, July 7, made his profession of perpetual vows.
Mons. Francesco Saverio Toppi - Castellammare 1955The study first and then teaching, they see the first Gregorian in Rome, where he graduated in History of the Church, then to Naples, where he teaches in the monastery of Old Sant'Efremo, Ecclesiastical History. His humanity, that even as a child made ​​him loved by all is as beautifully channeling experience the exuberance of childhood in the wake of faith and culture.

Cerimoniere dal Pulpito

Cultured, refined intellectual, diploma in Library and Archives. He holds positions of great weight and responsibility that accepts a style of pure obedience and which engages with great humility. Love of Christ, road to the knowledge of the mystery of the Trinity, make Him the center and ILI reference every thought, word and deed
Celebrate the mystery of the Eucharist will be for him, until the last day, the gift of wonderful and terrible place in the hands of the priest. It 'so taken by the mystery that is lost in contemplation to such an extent as to make it last, a bit' too long, the Eucharistic celebration. Invited to reduce the time, obey experiencing renunciation as a correction to their own selfishness.



Padre Francesco Saverio Toppi ordinato Vescovo

Provincial of Palermo, in a time of great crisis for the Province of Palermo, risking their lives, succeed with prayer, the sweetness and humility, to bring the Capuchin community in unity and harmony. Will return to the silence of anonymity, Brother among the friars, without ever losing the smile which shows the brightness and depth of his spirit and attention to all those he meets along the way.




Mons Francesco Saverio Toppi - VescovoIt's October 13th, 1990 when he was ordained by Cardinal Michele Giordano of Naples that makes Bishop Prelate of Pompeii. The joy of being in a Marian shrine and the just fear for the assignment, accompanying him to the goal. Episcopal Ordination introduces himself devoid of any sign, interior and exterior, of any wealth.

Poverty, which leads his life, is also honored by the Bishop Toppi.
In 2000, in accordance with canon 401 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law, resignation from the Prelature of Pompeii.
Reading his writings and listening to those who knew him we get the testimony, almost unanimously, a man filled with the Holy Spirit. It is understandable that he spent his life in the commitment to make room in his heart to the Lord, to learn to look at reality through the eyes of God
Funerali - 04 Aprile 2007Its Dies Natalis is 7th April 2007.